Knoxville Veterinary Clinic: Serving Marion County for Over Forty Years


Knoxville Veterinary Clinic: started as a partnership of three veterinarians in the 1960s. The clinic had a small office on the Knoxville town square. The practice was very livestock-oriented at that time, and the veterinarians drove cars loaded with medical equipment and supplies to area farms to care for local livestock.

Serving Marion County for Over Forty Years: In 1973, the practice grew to four veterinarians. By this time, the doctors went on calls in pickup trucks with special boxes on the back to hold hot water and vet supplies. A main office was built on the south edge of Knoxville on Hwy 24. Small animal exam and surgery rooms were built, and an extensive cattle-processing facility was built in and outside the office. A satellite office was opened in Pleasantville.

In 1991, Doctors Mark Poell and Robert Conway left the practice. Dr. Craig Burk, the junior partner, became the sole owner and operated the practice with two associate doctors. Dr. Burk sold the large animal portion of the practice in 1994 to an associate and turned the Knoxville Veterinary Clinic into a strictly small animal practice.

Dr. Maggie (Aleff) Wilson joined the practice in May 2009 when she graduated from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. In March of 2018, Dr. Wilson and her husband Jeff had the opportunity to move back to Knoxville and purchased the Knoxville Veterinary Clinic from her former mentor, Dr. Craig Burk. They were overjoyed at the opportunity to have their family return to Knoxville.

Dr. Wilson strives every day to give her best to her clients and patients. Thank you for trusting her with your beloved pet.