Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care


Many times, the reason for a trip to a veterinarian is due to an emergency. Knoxville Veterinary Clinic is here to take care of your pet when emergencies happen. We have the diagnostic tools needed to find any life-threatening problems and stabilize your pet’s condition. Once things are under control, we can provide round-the-clock monitoring to ensure your pet does not need additional emergency care.

Emergency Treatment for Your Pet

Whether it is an open wound, broken bone, or something going on internally that has your pet in pain or serious danger, we can find the problem. Our office is equipped to perform X-rays, diagnostic laser surgery, and chemical analysis of his or her blood.

We also have the ability to take care of the problem without the need for moving him or her to a different location. When there is an emergency and your pet is in severe pain or even unconscious, you want to know that he or she can be treated wherever you go. Having to move to a different clinic may be deadly.

In an emergency, time is crucial. When you come to us to care for your pet, we make sure he or she is diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible.

Call our office at (641) 842-3316 to explain what is happening with your pet and our staff can advise you what to do and where to go. After regular office hours, you may be directed to a different facility to avoid having to wait for a doctor to come in.

Critical Care for Your Pet

Often, after surgery or other emergency treatment, your pet may need to be monitored for a few days. We have the facility space and area to make sure your pet is on his or her way to a full recovery. Our staff will monitor your pet 24 hours a day to make sure everything is going as it should. However, if the situation requires overnight treatments and care other than simple monitoring, we will send him or her to a different facility.

We want to make sure your pet has the very best care and attention until he or she is safely back at home with you. We have arrangements with other veterinary hospitals that stay staffed around the clock for critical care. Once the situation is stable and only monitoring is required, you can have your pet transferred back to us.

Your Role in Your Pet’s Emergency Veterinary Care

Life-threatening emergencies are scary, not only for you, but for your pet. We understand this fear and work with you both to calm things down so we can get any testing done and begin taking care of the situation.

You will be kept informed of what is happening and given treatment options as much as possible. Our main goal is to make sure your pet will be going home with you after everything has been taken care of. It could be that same day, or it might not be for a week, but we work hard to make it happen as soon as possible.