Tissue Laser Therapy


We now offer drug-free, surgery-free pain relief for your pet! We use Class Four Deep Tissue Laser Therapy that reduces pain, inflammation and infection and increases speed of healing safely and effectively.

Laser therapy uses a beam of light that deeply penetrates injured tissue to improve individual cell health by a process called “photo-bio-modulation. At the cellular level, mitochondria, which are tiny organelles inside each living cell that provide cells with energy, are energized by the laser light to improve cells’ health to repair themselves, perform their proper functions, and make new cells. Also, damaged and dead cells emit several chemicals that cause pain, fever, and swelling. Improving the health of cells decreases the release of these toxic chemicals. These actions speed healing and help fight infections. At the tissue level, laser treatment improves circulation of blood and lymph, which decreases swelling and pain.

Benefits of laser therapy:

  1. Decreases inflammation
  2. Decreases swelling
  3. Improves blood flow to damaged tissues
  4. Decreases pain
  5. Speeds tissue repair
  6. Reduces scar tissue formation
  7. Improves nerve function
  8. Fights infection
  9. Speeds wound healing
  10. Treats chronic conditions such as arthritis, usually decreasing or even eliminating use of daily medications for pain or inflammation.

I’m extremely excited to have this new therapeutic tool to enhance our patients’ health! Please stop by or call us for more information.